The Circle Gathers

After the Primordial war, the circle known as the Dragons of the Sun found their way through several incarnations until, unexpectedly, the whole of the circle passed on and Exalted into new lives within a single year. Seen as an auspicious sign (as the previous incarnations of the Circle had drifted apart centuries ago, and so were unlikely to perish together), the Circle was quickly reintroduced to each other, and so re-formed. The also recently exalted Sidereal Kisa Fenghuang was assigned as an adviser to the circle, when time permitted.

These are some of the Circles early adventures and assignments from the Deliberative:

The Dawn who would be King

The circle’s encounter with a Dawn and Twilight Caste who exalted within one of the very isolationist Realm Tributaries.

The Lady’s Favor

A simple game of Capture the Idol to settle a gentleman’s disagreement between a Solar and his Lunar rival.


The circle must slip into the manse of a mad sorceress to rescue the children she intends to sacrifice during the coming Calibration.

The Great Hunt

While Delicate Passeri helps a friend from before her exaltation meddle in the love life of said friend’s daughter, the rest of the circle take it easy and enjoy the celebration of the Great Hunt on the Seven Isles of Phlegri, and get in the way of some folks with much less innocent intentions.

These adventures will also lay some groundwork for both the Darkening Savannah storyline and later plot seeds, artifacts and potential characters (as reincarnated allies or antagonists)

The Circle Gathers

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