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Dragons of the Sun began about a hundred years before the event known as the Usurpation, with the adventures of the Circle in the First Age as they investigateed a new cult with ties to the Underworld. It was an investigation that the circle died trying to complete.

The game now shifts to the Age of Sorrows and the return of the Solars, as well as the enemy responsible for their demise.

The locales visited by our intrepid Circle

The people encountered

Items of Wonder
Artifacts and more, both recovered from the first age and created in the Age of Sorrows

Strange and wonderful creatures of Creation

House Rules & Homebrews
Because every table needs to personalize the game a little

The First Age
The first age as it pertained to the adventures of the Dragons of the Sun in those days

A note to visitors

While I hope to include a fair amount of information on people, places and eventually creatures and things, this wiki will be fairly light on “crunch” so that should you choose to borrow anything here, you may best tailor it to your own chronicle.

Main Page

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