Darkening Savannah

The god Mah’ut brings dark tidings to the Deliberative, and the Dragons of the Sun are tasked to investigate further.

These are their final adventures as a Circle in the First Age…

Dark Horizon
A petition for intervention by the Deliberative comes forward, drawing the Dragons of the Sun to the fields of the Sleeping Savannah.

Dark Fire
The Circle arrives at the Manse of Blue Heron and begin their search for the new threat to creation

Alliance of Suns
Convinced now that the Threat is real, the Circle begins to forge an alliance to take on Tekhare the Mad

It was only then that the Dragons of the Sun pursued Tekahre the mad and his foul allies the Gods of Death. Tekhare’s hold was broken, but at the cost of the lives of all five members of the Circle…

Darkening Savannah

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