Orichalcum Chef Style

This Martial Art Style is still a work in progress, and the higher end charms have not yet been designed

The swift slice of a blade, the spinning evasion out of the way of another – these are movements on the battlefield, true, but also the movements of the Kitchen, especially the busy ones in service to the mighty: Kings, Dragonblooded Satraps, Merchant Princes, and other such notables. It should not be surprising, then, that somewhere in the mists of time someone learned to use those movements somewhere other than the kitchen.

Supplementary Abilities: Many of the charms utilize the Exalt’s Craft (cooking) ability to generate their bonus effects.

Weapons: Knives, Kitchen Utensils (Kitchen Utensils in the hands of an Orichalcum Chef do not get the Improvised tag), Unarmed
Armor: Usable with Light Armor (traditionally a buff jacket)

Harmony of A Thousand Cuts

Cost: 3m, Mins: MA3, E1; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Withering-Only, Terrestrial
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None

From the first, an aspiring chef learns to marry speed and precision as they prepare the ingredients for the evening’s meal. Their knife or whisk moves with grace and speed, swiftly dicing meats and vegetables or beating eggs to frothy peaks. After making a successful withering attack, the chef may spend 3 motes to roll Dexterity+Craft (Cooking) and apply the successes as extra initiative. This extra initiative is generated by the skill of the chef himself, and does not subtract from his opponent’s initiative. Excellencies and other charms cannot be used on the Craft (Cooking) roll.

Terrestrial: Dragonblooded must spend 5 motes to activate this charm.

It Is What It Is Meditation

Cost: 2m, Mins: Ma4, E2; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Withering-Only
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None

Accidents happen. Ingredients get mixed up or forgotten, pots are dropped, fingers are cut. A chef must keep going and adapt to the changes in the kitchen. So too does the Orichalcum Chef adapt in combat. The Chef may spend 2 motes to add 1/2 his Craft (Cooking) score (round up) to his soak against a withering attack, reflecting his refusal to allow his opponent’s attack to hamper him in his work.

Sous Sight Prana

Cost: 2m,* Mins:* MA 3, E1; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Uniform
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None

A kitchen is a busy place, and a chef quickly learns to keep track of where everyone else is, since not everyone remembers to shout “behind” when moving through the kitchen with hot food or sharp implements. For 2 motes, the Chef can reflexively add 1/2 his Perception (rounded down) to his Evasion for one round.

Orichalcum Chef Form

Cost: 8m, Mins: MA4, E2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Form, Mastery, Salient, Uniform
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms: Harmony of A Thousand Cuts, It Is What It Is Meditation, Sous Sight Prana

Focused on the task at hand, the Chef’s mind blocks away any other pressures and pains. He moves effortlessly through the kitchen, knowing where to find any person, tool, or ingredient.
While in the scene, all wound penalties are reduced by up to (Essence/2, round up) as the Chef focuses on getting done what must be done. He sidesteps other chefs – or opponents – with ease as he moves through the kitchen or the battleground, gaining +(1/2 Essence, rounded down) to his Defense and ignoring (Essence) onslaught penalties each turn.
The Chef can also take advantage of any food in the area, using it as a form weapon for (Essence) turns before it is too damaged to use. Some foods (loose grains, soups, etc.) are only good for a single parry or attack, no matter what the chef’s essence, though after that attack, they become an environmental hazard for anyone not using Orichalcum Chef Form, imposing +1 Difficulty due to slippery footing.

The Chef may also designate one kitchen as his “Home Kitchen.” While in his Home Kitchen, the chef may ready a form weapon with no action or penalty. The chef can change “Home Kitchens” for 5 silver xp

Mastery: Solars in the first age often oversaw multiple restaurants, or even chains of restaurants, catering to a variety of tastes. A Solar (or Abyssal or Infernal) may designate (Essence) additional Kitchens as Home Kitchens, and only need to spend 3 silver xp to exchange a previous Home Kitchen for a new one.

Perfected Butcher’s Slice

Cost: 5m, Mins MA4, E2; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Dual
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Orichalcum Chef Form

Despite the common usage of the word, a butcher does not chop haphazardly at meat. He cleanly, precisely and quickly separates the cuts from bone, sinew and each other. That same knowledge of exactly where to cut translates disturbingly well for humanoid opponents. The Chef may add his Craft (Cooking) score to the dice pool for a decisive attack, and twice his Craft (Cooking) score to his post-soak attack pool for a withering attack.

Exacting Skewer Strike

Cost: 5m, Mins: MA 4, E3; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Decisive Only
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Perfected Butcher’s Slice

Skewering food for kabobs and similar dishes is not a simple task. Try to pierce a vegetable in the wrong place, and it will shatter. Meat will cook unevenly. The chef can use this knowledge to find the perfect angle from which to strike his opponents. The Chef can ignore (Essence) points of his opponent’s Hardness on a decisive attack

Orichalcum Chef Style

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