Dragons of the Sun

In the Age of Sorrows, the Dragons of the Sun return and are drawn together by fate. In time, the darkness that they had thought defeated will re-emerge, but for now, the five newly reborn Solars are content to find their own Adventures

Series 1 -

1.1 – Fight at Djoh’s
The Solars find themselves all in the town of Featherdown Hill at the same time as a trio of young Dragonblooded looking for a fight.

1.2 – Oh, Rats
Having been told to leave Featherdown Hill for their own safety, the Solars continue to Naranbaatar to find that disaster has struck, and their sifu is dead.

1.3 – Tomb Raiding!
On the road south through the Summer Mountains, the Solars discover a lost tomb holding familiar wonders

1.4 – Table Trades
The Circle arrives in the lands of the Tushiwi and right into the troubles that plague the Lizard and Wolf clans.

1.5 Burn the Witch
The Circle must now deal with the witch Elk Feather and the tattered remains of Wolf Clan

Dragons of the Sun

Dragons of the Sun DaWaterRat