Creation In The First Age

Over three millennia have passed since the end of the Primordial War.

The Solar Deliberative rules from Meru, a city built upon the slopes of the Elemental Pole of Earth at the center of the Blessed Isle. Each Solar has governance of one of 300 provinces on the Blessed Isle, and likewise over a realm, more politely called a prefecture, in Creation. There are some parts of Creation where the Lunars rule instead (though often considered to be ruled by the Lunar’s consort by proxy), or else some of the Exalted of the lesser gods or perhaps the Elder Races, and a few corners which never appealed to any Solar and so remain unclaimed, but these are few and far between.

There are those among the Solars who pay a large tax to rule their realm without the interference of the Solar Deliberative. So long as the tax is paid, any wars waged are only against those who are likewise not governed by a member of the Solar Deliberative, and the Solar stays out of Deliberative politics, he is free to rule his realm as he sees fit. Often, when such a Solar’s lifestyle results in his reincarnation, the next Solar to gain that former tributary often finds that it is somewhat smaller than he remembers, but as a newly incarnated Solar, the political clout to do anything about it isn’t there.

Among those Solars who do participate in the deliberative, each decides her own prefered distribution between playing political games in Meru, serving as an agent of the Deliberative, governing her own lands in the Threshold, or pursuing her own interests and studies. Older Exalts hold more clout, especially those who participated in the Primordial War, but are also more likely to minimize their duties to the Deliberative in order to pursue their own interests. All Exalts are expected to put in some time each year, and both political and social pressure brings most of them together each Calibration Feast (hosted by the Twilight Selina).

Throughout the threshold, many great cities serve as the central seat for various Solars. In the east stand Deheleshen, Hollow, Denandsor, Sperimin and Sijan. The south holds the flying hunting city of Tamar Kas, Chiaroscuro, Dari of the Mists, the flying city of High Nyunda, The City of Flowers, and the pleasure city of Xela-Cas. The north holds Varatjul, Sepporil, Varilitsu, the flying city of Tzatli, and the Hierophant’s own city of Ondar Shambal. Even the west has the floating city of Luthe, and the aquatic city of Jalarin.

Of course, mortals and Exalts are not the only races in Creation. The Lands of the Dragon Kings, including their great city of Rathess in the Southeast, do not bow to the Solars, having served as allies in the Primordial war. In the west and southwest, the Lintha, beloved of the primordial Kimbery, launch their pirate attacks from their hidden isle of Bluehaven. On the Blessed Isle itself, the Mountain folk quietly work the jade mines, now servant to the Exalted. And many an Exalt has created his or her own race of servitors to populate their estates. And always at the edges of creation sit the Fair folk, ready to try to reclaim creation for the chaos of the wyld.

Creation In The First Age

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