Dragons of the Sun

Episode 5 - Black Magic, Part 2

Burn the Witch

(Storyteller’s Note: Due to not posting this immediately after the last game, it is not as comprehensive as other Adventure Logs. This entry has been backdated to the actual date the session was run)

20th day of Descending Wood, 768th year of the Reign of the Scarlet Empress

With word of the impending sacrifice confirmed from Nisha’s scouting report, the Circle moved towards the Kiva to stop it.

Ishanvi and Sela, being the archers, climbed to the roof of the Kiva intending to choose their targets through the smoke hole, while Tefari, Djoh and Nisha moved to take out the lone mortal guard.

Nisha’s initial attack was not as solid as they’d hoped, and the guard was able to raise a small alarm – enough for the three demons that Elk Feather had previously summoned to manifest. However, a couple of well placed fireballs from Ishanvi’s firewand made short work of Elk Feather, releasing the Demons from their bonds just as Djoh, filleted one of them, resulting in the three Demons running free – away from the village.

The village now free of Elk Feather, the tension in Yunawi village was visibly broken, and the warriors turned on Iron Dog before he could cause any problems.

The Solars proceded to inspect Elk Feather’s quarters, finding a considerable wealth of goods, some of which clearly belonging to the previous Matron – Foxfire. They also discovered the scorched heart of Elk Feather and three rag dolls – dolls that were identified as resembling previous members of the village – including Foxfire.

With some information from very helpful Yellow Spruce and a considerably more reluctant Iron Dog, they deduced that Elk Feather had entrapped Foxfire’s soul in the doll and given her body over to a Skinwalker Demon. Said Skinwalker having vanished into the countryside some six months previously.

The tattered survivors of Wolf Clan gave the Solars 3 months to find Elk Feather’s body and repair her soul to it – acknowledging that it could be anywhere by now – before they elected a permanant new Matron.

The Circle returned briefly to Mishowi and the Lizard clan to update them on what had happened at Wolf Clan – and pick up their tunics from Currant – and then headed towards Sityawi – the capitol of the Tushiwi people and home of the Yellow Mountain clan.