Dawn Caste Mercenary Captain


A 25-year old former mercenary archer. She tends to be pretty direct, but is a decent business negotiator when it comes down to it.


Sela is from Kamthahar. Her family are well-known weapon merchants that sold mass-produced type weapons (basic swords, bows, armor – nothing bespoke or very fancy). The business is currently owned by her brothers. Her younger sister, Callie, wanted to be the heir to the business but got on the wrong side of one of the Dragon Blooded warriors (as in “no, I will not marry you”) and disappeared 5 and a half years ago. After searching for months, Sela found Callie in Naranbaatar, training in the White Reaper Style. She sent a message to her family that Callie was ok but not where the sisters could be found. While Sela was already a great archer, she joined her sister’s training for a year. One day, Callie disappeared from Naranbaatar.. Shortly after, Sela left and joined up with her employers in Kamthahar.

As the “not heir”, Sela needed a job. She was familiar with arms and armor, particularly bows, and so for about 4 years she worked for a group of mercenaries for hire that were based out of Kamthahar. She recently left them over a monetary dispute.

Ep 1
Great, now we’re on the run from even more people who hate us.

Ep 2.
Rats???!? Seriously?

Ep 3
I got a bow! I wonder what it does?
I saw a statue of a dead Dawn Solar from some previous age. I wonder how many others there were?


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