Dragons of the Sun

Pahola, a powerful Twilight sorceress has finally delved too far into her quest for sorcerous power. While her exact plans are unknown, it is known that she has kidnapped five children destined to be Sidereals – one of each Maiden – and brought them to her palace-manse of Lauhi in the North, with the intention to sacrifice them during Calibration. No one outside of her manse is sure of what the result of this sacrifice would be, but neither do they want to find out.

An army led by Pahola’s former Circle-mate Luono stands ready to strike her down. However, the dragon lines surrounding the manse have been twisted, and it has been determined that if the children die while within the bounds of the mase, their souls – Hun, Po, and Sidereal Exaltation – may be lost from the Loom of Fate. Luono was loathe to act with the children in danger in the first place, and now will not until the children have been rescued.

Pahola is no fool, though, and has protected her Manse against incursion from exalts she knows have the power to reclaim her prisoners, something the Night Caste Nyriki and his Lunar Partner Otso discovered the hard way. But Nyriki’s “apprentice” Lintura, a newly exalted Night Caste, was able to pass the defenses that slew her teacher, but has not been heard from since. Luono hopes that a relatively young but experienced circle, such as the Dragons of the Sun, can pass the Manse’s defenses and retrieve the children without being overwhelmed by whatever dangers lie within the manse itself.

Once the children are clear of the manse, Luono has some choice words for her former Circle-mate.



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