In the waning days of the First Age, a circle of young Solars went forth to face Death and did not return in that incarnation.

It was not until the Age of Sorrows that they had a chance to try again…

Phase 1 - The Circle Gathers

A handful scenarios designed for the players to get used to the characters, representing the early days after the Circle was reformed (again) in the late First Age.

Phase 2 - Darkening Savannah

The Circle’s First Age adventures while investigating the death cults invading the Sleeping Savannah Province.

Phase 3 - Dragons of the Sun

The reincarnations of the Circle in the Age of Sorrows, as they get a second chance against the foes that defeated them in the First Age.

Please feel free to explore the Wiki for locations, people, artifacts and house rules – once I have them uploaded.

Note that this is an Exalted 3rd ed game (they don’t have an edition option for Exalted on here as of yet.)

Dragons of the Sun

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