Sleeping Savannah Province

Located between the Dreaming Sea and the Summer Mountains, the Sleeping Savannah province holds more than savannah, despite it’s name. But the jungles that can be found are relatively small and sparse compared with the bulk of the jungles of the East.

Shu Sanhar

Governed by the Zenith Caste Tekhare, Shu Sanhar consists of a network of fertile river valleys weaving their way through the furthest southeastern deserts. The people are mistrustful of strangers and spirits, believing that anyone could be one of the Fair Folk in disguise.

Weishina Khanate

A tributary realm, ruled by Crystal Blade and Gansetsen, two elder solars who tired of the political games of the Deliberative. A handful of trade cities on the borders of their kingdoms and a scant few invitations to other Solars and their retiunes serve as the only sanctioned contact between the Khanate and the rest of Creation.

Red Moon Prefecture

Currently governed by the Lunar Tsawu on behalf of his Solar Companion, recently returned as Tsawu’s nephew Manase. Red Moon Prefecture is mostly savannah, with a strongly independent population.


A sparsely populated, but relatively large area of the southeast governed by Kajura, the Chosen of Alchera, a southern dream god. The people are largely nomadic, and while many are literate, they maintain a strong oral tradition.


Clinging to the canyons and plateaus formed by the many rivers originating in the runoff from the Summer Mountains, Ta’Kayan is governed by the Twilight Blue Heron, who spends just enough time in the Deliberative to fend off any accusations of shirking her duty. Her people are devoted to her, and she returns the affection.

Sleeping Savannah Province

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