First Age Cast

Player Characters

in alphabetical order

Delicate Passeri

Eclipse Caste Socialite

Iselsi Kogaba

Dawn Caste Warstrider Pilot

Kisa Fenghuang

Chosen of Secrets adviser to the Dragons of the Sun

Night Blooming Lily

Night Caste Scout and Spy

Soul Smithing Sage

Twilight Caste Engineer


Zenith Caste Trainer

Attending NPC’s

Sapphire Orchid

Lunar partner to Night Blooming Lily

Jamna Khol

Fire Aspect Lady’s Maid to Delicate Passeri

Other NPC’s

Leaders of the Sleeping Savannah Province


A Zenith Caste and the Priest-King of Shu Sanhar


A Lunar governing Red Moon Prefecture on behalf of his recently Exalted grandson.


A recently Exalted Dawn Caste, and the Solar leader of Red Moon Prefecture.


Chosen of the southern dream god Alchera, and leader of the people of Anangu

Blue Heron

A Twilight Caste artist, and the Great Matron of Ta’Kayan

Crystal Blade

An elder Dawn Caste and Kahqan of Weishina


An elder Night Caste, and Kahqin of Weishina

Early Opponents

Hun Kamor

A Dawn Caste who believed the Unconquered Sun wanted him to rule the world

Shai Masha

Twilight Caste lover and Ally of Hun Kamor, a skilled Archer and healer.

The Hounds of Glory

A Circle of Solars brought in as proxies for Winter Steel


Twilight Caste Sorceress with plans to enact a very dangerous ritual

Blessed Crystal Shuttles

Craftsman goddess of a rival island kingdom to the Seven Isles of Phlegri

Sibilant Midnight Waves

Chosen of the lost god Stolen Victories and Gentleman Thief hired by Blessed Crystal Shuttles.

Other Noted Solars

Copper Melodies

Twilight Caste Musician and Artist.

Winter Steel

Solar companion and rival of Grayslore Ice Elk

Hunting Trees

Brother of Dancing River


Zenith Caste general, and former friend of Pahola


Young Night Caste, trapped in the Manse of Pahola

Other Noted Exalts

Grayslore Ice Elk

Lunar Elder, now patron of the Dragons of the Sun

Dancing River

Young Lunar. Sister of Dancing Trees, object of both Grayslore Ice Elk’s and Winter Steel’s attentions.

Pahola’s victims

Five future Sidereals kidnapped by Pahola and freed by the Dragons of the Sun

Halaro Kenj

Agent of the Solar Cellach the Scribe

First Age Cast

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