Dragons of the Sun

Before we begin...

I’ll need to set everything up. Watch this space once this game shifts from “Planning” to “Playing”

Backing up a little further
Change of plans

And after further discussion, we’ve decided to shake out the first age characters by running through an assortment of scenarios from earlier in their career. So… we’re backing up, timeline wise, for a few weeks. Then we’ll start the actual “confronting Death” plotline. :)

The Would-be Warlord
or The Dawn who Would be King

A thousand years ago, Jun Wynne, the Zenith Caste ruler of Liusham ceded the bulk of his territory to his neighbors and retreated with his Dragonblooded council to rule over a small and isolated part of his land as a tributary realm, leaving the Deliberative and it’s politics behind. For that thousand years, the tribute was delivered on time, and nothing more was heard from Liusham or Jun Wynne.

Just after the most recent tribute was sent, Jun Wynne died, assassinated by members of his Council, not out of disgust for what the Solar had become, but out of the much less noble greed for power. The Dragonblood fell to fighting among themselves, and the conflict spilled out into every village in Liusham. Faction against Faction, Clan against Clan.

Until Hun Kamor exalted on the battlefield, and led his clan to victory —that day, and for many more days to come. No one sent word to the deliberative of Hun Kamor’s exaltation, nor of the Exaltation of Shai Masha, a shamaness who initially stood up to Hun Kamor, but quickly became his ally.

It was not until Hun Kamor began to assault the people living in the lands governed by the Twilight Copper Melodies that anyone realized that no word had been received in the Deliberative of Jun Wynne’s death. (The Zenith Caste’s exaltation was later found in a Shadowland.) Copper Melodies requested that the deliberative send someone to take care of this, as her research was at a critical stage and she could not split her attention for something as trivial as Hun Kamor’s invasion.

The task was assigned a circle of newly exalted Solars, called the Dragons of the Sun for the common theme of their animas. They were assigned to go investigate, and if possible stop the upstart warlord. (Meanwhile an internal investigation was launched into how heaven lost track of not one but three Solar exaltations. The results of that investigation are still classified in the Age of Sorrows.)

Despite the efforts of Delicate Passeri, Hun Kamor cannot be reasoned with. And now the circle of solars moves to confront Hun Kamor in his lair.

The Lady's Favor
A little game of capture the idol

Grayslore Ice Elk and Winter Steel are a Lunar and Solar pair that have been rivals on varying degrees of friendly terms since the end of the Primordial War. Their latest issue of contention are the affections of the Lunar Dancing River. Dancing River’s Solar companion in their present incarnations happens to be her brother, the Zenith Caste known as Hunting Trees.

Dancing River is flattered by the attention, but also more than a little intimidated by the Elder Exalts, being less than two hundred years past her Exaltation herself. She doesn’t wish to appear to favor either, for concern of what they might do to her brother’s prefectures in retaliation. Together with her brother, it was decided that he would build a triangular arena, where each of her suitors would enter from one point, and race through obstacles and environmental hazards towards the third point, where a statuette of Dancing River would be waiting.

However, in the course of procuring the resources for this endeavor, and in discussions with assorted other Solars, the design grew and changed. In recognition of the immense power that both Grayslore Ice Elk and Winter Steel posses, it was decided that proxies should be used. Eventually, those proxies expanded to two young circles of Exalts, one recruited by each Elder. The size and the complexity of the Arena changed many times, but finally became much narrower, to encourage contact between the two circles, and by extension conflict. However, to keep the competition “friendly” Blunted versions of the circles usual weapons (for those who even use edged weapons) will be used.

Victory will permit each member of the winning circle to request a boon from their patron, as well as continuing patronage from the elder Exalt. The defeated circle will have any wounds (save those to their pride) tended to.

Grayslore has recruited the Dragons of the Sun, while the circle hired by Winter Steel calls themselves the Hounds of Glory.


Pahola, a powerful Twilight sorceress has finally delved too far into her quest for sorcerous power. While her exact plans are unknown, it is known that she has kidnapped five children destined to be Sidereals – one of each Maiden – and brought them to her palace-manse of Lauhi in the North, with the intention to sacrifice them during Calibration. No one outside of her manse is sure of what the result of this sacrifice would be, but neither do they want to find out.

An army led by Pahola’s former Circle-mate Luono stands ready to strike her down. However, the dragon lines surrounding the manse have been twisted, and it has been determined that if the children die while within the bounds of the mase, their souls – Hun, Po, and Sidereal Exaltation – may be lost from the Loom of Fate. Luono was loathe to act with the children in danger in the first place, and now will not until the children have been rescued.

Pahola is no fool, though, and has protected her Manse against incursion from exalts she knows have the power to reclaim her prisoners, something the Night Caste Nyriki and his Lunar Partner Otso discovered the hard way. But Nyriki’s “apprentice” Lintura, a newly exalted Night Caste, was able to pass the defenses that slew her teacher, but has not been heard from since. Luono hopes that a relatively young but experienced circle, such as the Dragons of the Sun, can pass the Manse’s defenses and retrieve the children without being overwhelmed by whatever dangers lie within the manse itself.

Once the children are clear of the manse, Luono has some choice words for her former Circle-mate.

The Great Hunt

The Seven Isles of Phlegri are a ring of six moderately sized islands that were once the lip of a volcanic caldera surrounding a seventh island that is home to both a temple to the gods of the seven isles, and a manse dedicated for use by the Solar governor of the region – for much of the last millennium, a distracted Dawn originally from the isles by the name of Gilded Carcaradon. They are also the birth home of Delicate Passeri, though not the region she was assigned once chosen by the Unconquered Sun.

The wealth of the Seven Isles comes from the inks harvested from a local breed of squid, which are used in creating a specialized pigment used in ink, dye and paint. While it appears black, when mixed with other ingredients it can intensify any hue to a bright, vibrant tone. Even more useful, when applied to garments sewn from certain linens woven from local sea plants called Sea Flax, the garments can change color and pattern according to the whims of the wearer.

While the sea flax is easy to grow and harvest, and has easily been transplanted to several other volcanic islands in the prefecture, the squid live only around the seven isles, and are not pleased about being hunted for their ink. And so, every year, one of the twelve noble families of the seven isles hosts a Great Hunt just after the sea flax harvest, with praise, petitions, and accolades for the Iridescent Teuthia, goddess of the Chameleon Squid, and patroness of dyers of the Seven Isles.

Officially, Gilded Carcaradon is supposed to attend, but he hasn’t done so for the past two centuries. When he remembers, he asks his Lunar mate Bright Coral to sit in for him, but more often, as this year, the Solar Seat sits empty.

That is not to say that Exalts never attend the hunt, quite the contrary, but mostly it is dragonblood of the various water aspected Gens that will be found in attendance, along with the occasional chosen of a lesser god. Sometimes, young Solars and Lunars of the west will also participate, but the hunt itself is something that, normally, mortals are capable of handling, and so there is no challenge or thrill to be found in the Great Hunt for Exalts.

This year, Scarlet Pterois is hosting the Great Hunt. Her daughter, Azure Radiata, has convinced herself she is in love with a mysterious lesser chosen who goes by the name of Barbeleu, who has attended the last two Great Hunts. So, in hopes of determining the mysterious exalts intentions towards her daughter, Scarlet Pterois has invited her close friend, and now Chosen of the Exalted Sun, Delicate Passeri to return to the Seven Isles.

News of the presence of not only an Exalt, but a whole circle of them (for Delicate Passeri’s Circle also decided to attend the hunt, if only for the parties surrounding it.) has spread like wildfire, causing great excitement -and bringing great prestige to Scarlet Pterois and her family – and making this potentially one of the largest Great Hunts in a century.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled with the presence of so many of the Unconqered Sun’s chosen. For some, the presence of the Dragons of the Sun will make their plans significantly more difficult to implement.

The Story So far...
Or How We Got into this Mess

Mah’ut, southeastern god of Safe Passage Between Lives and head of the Southeastern office of Lethe, has seen a steady and disturbing decline in the number of souls within the Sleeping Savannah province passing quickly into Lethe. Even more disturbing to the god’s eyes is not only is the population of the Underworld rising – as best he can tell – but it is not rising in numbers to match the decline of souls passing on to their next lives.

There are also rumors, he has heard, of cults worshiping gods of Death. Not the Maiden of Endings under some other name, and not ancestor cults, but actual Death itself. But Mah’ut’s own investigations in to these cults has been stymied at every turn, and rumors are all he has.

As a good functionary of Heaven, he promptly petitioned the Solar Deliberative for a circle to investigate both of these things. While he concedes that the two may not be connected, the timing makes it unlikely.

And so the Circle known as the Dragons of the Sun was dispatched to undertake those investigations, and either report back or (better yet) deal with the problem themselves.

Dark Horizon

In the halls of Meru, word has come that the god Mah’ut has a petition to bring before the Deliberative. Xochitl and Delicate Passeri have been assigned, along with some other Solars, to the committee designated to review his petition before it goes to the deliberative as a whole. While not part of the Deliberative, Kajura – Chosen of Alchera, a local dreaming god – has sent word to each of the members of the committee pleading that they not only hear, but recommend Mah’ut’s petition to the rest of the deliberative.

But Mah’ut, a god known for punctuality, is late. For elsewhere in the city, the god has been forcibly detained. And while the rest of the circle strives to find and free Mah’ut from his captors, Xochitl and Passeri must maintain the rest of the committee’s dedication to give the petition a chance.

(This will be run over two sessions, due to player availability.

Dark Fire

The Dragons of the Sun arrive in the Sleeping Savanah, and are quickly welcomed by Blue Heron, who provides them with extensive suites and one of her (currently) unused workrooms as a base of operations.

Having toured the memorial Kivas and Sky Grounds of Ta’Kayan with no sign of ghost or shadowland (though with an almost creepy adoration of her people), the Solars next move on to Red Moon Prefecture. Here, in a land of waring clans, their prospects of finding a Shadowland are more likely. In addition to the many battlegrounds, they learn of a clan that was once the target of a serial killer, known now as the Fire Man, some two generations ago.

Traveling to the one remaining village of the three he claimed his victims from (one a victim of plague, the other of bad crops), the Solars arrive and are given a proper, if grudging, welcome — until the ghost of the Fire Man attacks.

Sorry for the Break

Yes, there has been a distinct lack of updates.

Despite this the campaign has been moving forward, and Phase 2 is drawing to a close, even though EX3 is unlikely to drop before Q1 2015 at best.

I will try to resume updates of some sort through the rest of Phase 2. Hopefully once EX3 drops and I start on Phase 3, things will be a little less chaotic around here.


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