Winter Steel

Elder Eclipse Caste Solar


A barrel chested man with wild black hair and beard, and icy, piercing blue eyes.


Winter Steel is a generous, friendly solar, or at least that’s how he comes across. He is often brash and impulsive, and doesn’t take well to loosing to younger Exalts or Dragonblooded. Not that such happens often. Most of the time, it is his Lunar Companion and long time both friend and rival Grayslore Ice Elk who claims victory, which Winter Steel at least grudgingly accepts most of the time.

Most recently, Winter Steel lost the companionship of one Dancing River, an attractive Lunar of only two hundred years. Winter Steel chose the just as brash Hounds of Glory to serve as his champions in the contest Dancing River and her brother set forth, and lost to Grayslore’s choice of the Dragons of the Sun.

Winter Steel

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