Regent of Red Moon Prefecture


A towering, well built man with an easy smile and a booming laugh. Unsurprisingly, his totem animal is a lion, something that is immediately obvious in his carriage.


Tsawu was the beloved Lunar husband of the Solar Warrior Queen Akachi for nearly five hundred years. Together, they taught their people to be strong, to speak up for themselves, and to stay loyal to family.

Three years ago, Akachi was slain by ambush, Tsawu nearly went mad with grief, hunting the assailants for weeks. He was joined in this hunt by a handful of the royal family, all descendants of Tsawu and Akachi. In due time, they discovered their quarry. A group of strange, humanoid-panthers covered in black scales rather than fur, led by one who almost seemed to be one of the Chosen, though the mark upon his brow was nothing Tsawu had ever seen.

Tsawu and his allies attacked. Much to Tsawu’s surprise, this strange Chosen was not only his equal, but combined with using Tsawu’s rage against him, the elder Lunar found himself loosing the battle until Manase, one of his grandsons, stepped in and was granted the Exaltation of Tsawu’s wife. The strange chosen was slain, his companions slaughtered.

Now, Tsawu governs Red Moon Prefecture while waiting the day his grandson is ready to lead.


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