Shai Masha

High Priestess of Liusham


A an attractive, wiry woman of middle years, handsome rather than beautiful.


When Hun Kamor’s army came to her village, Shai Masha was determined to do anything to preserve her people. She tried hiding the village with magic first, and her efforts won her an Exaltation from the Unconquered Sun. The village hidden, she went to speak with Hun Kamor to try to dissuade him from continuing his attacks. But the warlord’s charisma entranced her, and a “friendly” contest of skill and strength led to them becoming lovers. She was, eventually, able to convince him to soften his treatment of the survivors.

Shai Masha then used her talents to aid Hun Kamor’s army, rather than slow them down. And in return, Hun Kamor was content with a tribute of hostages and slaves to stay his hand in his pursuit of lands to rule.

When the Dragons of the Sun arrived, Shai Masha was convinced that they were agents of a surviving adviser to Jun Wynne, and so persuaded Hun Kamor not to listen. Her fears led to her death at the hands of the Dragons of the Sun.

Shai Masha

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