Newly Exalted king of Red Moon Prefecture


A young man in his late teens, with a slim, wiry build that just accentuates his height.


As one of the many grandchildren of Tsawu and Akachi, Manase grew up as part of the extended Royal family of Red Moon. Like his brothers, he learned to hunt, and like all his siblings, he learned the arts of war. He had the best training, direct from the Warrior Queen herself.

When she was treacherously slain, Manase was among the first to volunteer to join his grandfather in the pursuit of her killers. Still, when those killers were found, bizarre creatures that looked like Panther-Folk, but covered in Black scales, Manase was not prepared for what happened.

The leader of the assassins stood against Tsawu, whose rage and grief led him to make many mistakes. Manase could not stand the thought of loosing both the Warrior Queen and his beloved Grandfather, and so stepped to his Grandafther’s side, only to find his courage blessed by the Unconquered Sun, and the power of becoming one of his Chosen rushed through him.

Together, Tsawu and Manase led the slaughter of the assassins.

And then Manase was swept off to Mount Meru to learn his duties as one of the Princes of the earth, while Tsawu remained behind to watch over Red Moon Prefecture. Manase never expected to become even a village leader, and now struggles with becoming a King.


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