Head of the southeastern office of Lethe


A canine-headed god covered with slightly glowing fur like that of a fox, Mah’ut still comes across as a slight, bookish figure. There is something grating in his tone of voice, though it varies from listener to listener if it is a tendency to patronize or be obsequious, usually depending on how the listener sees herself in relation to Mah’ut


He keeps fastidious track of the number of souls in the Southeast who fail to pass on to Lethe immediately, and has authorized several expeditions into the Underworld to keep an eye on the population there. While he tries to hide it, he finds ghosts extremely distasteful, seeing them as a symptom of the damage caused to Creation by the Primordial war. Not that he was any fan of the Primordials, and never mind that he’d still be a minor accountant shuffling souls around after they had been cleansed in Lethe without the Underworld.


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