Young Night Caste Thief


A wiry figure, barely more than a girl, with a quick smile and a mischievous glint in her eye.


Lintura Exalted at 15, slipping into the manse of the elder Night Caste Nyriki on a dare and making it all the way to his dojo before being caught and exalting before his eyes. Impressed, doubly so by her Exaltation at the time, Nyriki took her under his wing to teach her not only what it meant to be a Solar, but what it meant to be Night Caste.

He brought her with to infiltrate the manse of Pahola as a teaching opportunity, confident that he and Otso could protect the girl, and as someone who might relate to the children and keep them calm, being just barely older than the oldest of the potential sidereals.

She was only too happy to help, and even with the death of her mentor, she will still do what she can to free the children.


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