Chosen of the Southern god of Dreams


A thin, nervous man who constantly looks as if he could use more sleep.


Kajura could be excused from seeming a little paranoid. The Chosen of a lesser god, he is surrounded by realms governed by those given the mandate to rule Creation from the Unconquered Sun himself. He knows that should any Solar decide to “help” him “improve” the lives of his people, his domain will swiftly be absorbed by the Deliberative.

Still, hospitality is paramount in such a seemingly barren land, and Kajura is no exception, being a welcoming and generous, if not always friendly host… if he can be found. As the people of Anangu are nomadic, so too is their leader. While capable, Kajura is no warrior, and would just as soon avoid conflict, so long as it is not his people who pay the price.


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