Jelani Sefu

Master of the Ghostly Hunt


A tall figure that manages to be both emaciated and muscular, Jelani’s darkly-ashen skin sometimes shifts to slightly translucent, allowing a glimpse of a skeleton within the ghostly form. The hands of the skeleton, however, stick through as if wearing badly made gloves.


Five hundred years ago, Jelani Sefu was the holder of the Exaltation that rules the Red Moon Prefecture. A master of the hunt, and devoted to the Unconquered Sun, he was sure that with his beloved Asha at his side, nothing could stop him.

But something did. Something led Jelani and Asha into the temple-manse of Tekhare. Something found Jelani helpless as Tekhare sacrficed Asha to his dark masters. And that something gave Jelani the strength to refuse Lethe. Over the past half a millenium, Jelani has built up a new kingdom in the underworld, but over the centuries, his clear focus has waned. Only that he needs to protect Asha should she return (and he believes she has in the form of Delicate Passeri, and the need to extract vengeance against Tekhare.

Jelani Sefu

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