Hunting Trees

Twilight Caste brother of Dancing River


A strong, wiry young man with short black hair and copper skin


When Hunting Trees Exalted, it was as he directed the rest of his village in constructing cranes and other mechanical aides to rescue those trapped by a sudden earthquake and avalanche. While others prayed to the gods for forgiveness, or wondered what they had done in the first place to displease the spirits, Hunting Trees pulled everyone’s attention to the immediate problem, and came up with a solution.

After his Exaltation (and the rescue of his newly Exalted Lunar sister Dancing River) Hunting Trees joined the deliberative and did his best to serve the people he was assigned to govern over. His sister stayed with him to offer advice and give a different perspective, as well as a connection to home.

After she attracted the attention of Grayslore Ice Elk and Winter Steel, Hunting Trees was worried that Dancing River, though generally skilled at diplomacy, was facing a choice she could not win. Until she decided to let fate and the elder exalt’s own skills decide. It was, with not always wanted advice from the several solars who placed private bets on the outcome, up to Hunting Trees to design the arena for the contest.

Now, he just hopes that Winter Steel doesn’t blame him for the elder Exalt’s misjudgement of the Hounds of Glory.

Hunting Trees

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