Grayslore Ice Elk

Lunar Patron of the Dragons of the Sun


A broad shouldered man with shaggy light brown hair and gray eyes. Often wears a full beard.


An Elder exalt and the Lunar companion of Winter Steel, Grayslore is usually content to spend his time deep in thought somewhere in creation, preferably somewhere on the edge of the Wyld. He often records his thoughts on the Wyld’s danger and beauty in long, evocative poems, and indeed there are few who know the Wyld better than he. He takes a modest pride in his wordsmithing, but is less modest about his position as one of creations’s leading scholars on the only true threat creation has left.

His relationship with Winter Steel is a disturbing one. On the surface, the two elder Exalts are excellent friends, but they are often engaged in petty rivalries and competitions, which at times are little more than fun jests, and at others can be dangerously serious. So far, it seems that their most recent rivalry over the affections of Dancing River, has not caused undue hardship between the two, even after Grayslore proved the wiser in recruiting the Dragons of the Sun to serve as his proxies to win Dancing River’s hand — at least for a time.

Grayslore Ice Elk

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