Kahqin of Waishina


A thin, narrow faced woman whose face frowns more easily than it smiles.


Lovers and Circlemates, Crystal Blade and Gansetsen broke ties with the rest of their circle and the Deliberative as a whole just under two hundred years ago. What, exactly, the break was over is not discussed in the halls of the Deliberative and certainy not anywhere in the Weishina Khanate. The two reportedly sent their “request” and the accompanying tribute directly to the door of the Hierophant himself. Shortly afterward, the borders to their neighboring realms were sealed off, and all foreigners were hustled into one of five border towns, which quickly grew to become major trade centers, as all trade and business with the Khanate passed only through those five cities.

Unlike her husband, Gansesten understands that complete isolation would ultimately be more harmful than permitting some, very limited, interaction with the rest of the world. Still, while a polite hostess, she is not particularly friendly, and quite prefers being rudely direct over observing niceties and playing political games. Still, for all that, she can match many an Eclipse in maneuvering her way through bureaucracies and social situations.


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