Dancing River

Lunar consort to Grayslore Ice Elk


A healthy young woman with raven hair and copper skin


Dancing River and her brother exalted together, though attracting the attention of two different celestials. An earthquake caused a great avalanche, burrying their village. In the village, many died, but Dancing River refused to give up, determined to survive, and help others to survive, until rescue arrived. Her determination, and will to survive, drew Luna’s attention to the young woman.

Now, two hundred years later, Dancing River serves as an adviser to her brother, who was chosen by the Unconquered Sun for his heroic efforts to excavate the avalanche and rescue the survivors. When she became the focus of attention from Grayslore Ice Elk and Winter Steel, it was she who put forth the idea of a competition for her hand, so that she would not have to choose, and so that neither would use their considerable political clout to impede the lands governed by Hunting Trees.

While flattered, Dancing River feels no actual attraction to either Grayslore or Winter Steel, but she is sure she can fake it until their attentions wander elsewhere.

Dancing River

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