Blue Heron

Great Matron of Ta'Kayan


A short, curvy woman just approaching middle age.


At only four hundred years past her exaltation, Blue Heron is not actually old enough to actually be the ancestress of all her people, but you wouldn’t know it to see her with them. Every year, during ascending air, all the families through out the realm with children who have reached their fifth year are welcome to come and visit her manse and each five-year-old child receives a toy direct from the Great Matron’s hands. She sees every one of her people as one of her family, and family is something she is fiercely protective of. A devotion returned by most of her people, who see her as mother, or grandmother, to the whole of Ta’Kayan.

In addition to pride in her people, Blue Heron is likewise proud of her artistic skills. The toys she gives the children are “just” wooden dolls, but each is beautifully carved and jointed together, with clothing sewn so finely that they appear seamless. And what Blue Heron can make small, she can make large, with gardens of life-like statues of nearly every material, lush, vibrant paintings, and exquisitely woven cloth perfectly sewn into the finest garments. The Great Matron is just as generous with her guests as she is with her children, though unlike from her children there is an expectation that similar gifts will be forthcoming.

Blue Heron

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