Dragons of the Sun

The Would-be Warlord

or The Dawn who Would be King

A thousand years ago, Jun Wynne, the Zenith Caste ruler of Liusham ceded the bulk of his territory to his neighbors and retreated with his Dragonblooded council to rule over a small and isolated part of his land as a tributary realm, leaving the Deliberative and it’s politics behind. For that thousand years, the tribute was delivered on time, and nothing more was heard from Liusham or Jun Wynne.

Just after the most recent tribute was sent, Jun Wynne died, assassinated by members of his Council, not out of disgust for what the Solar had become, but out of the much less noble greed for power. The Dragonblood fell to fighting among themselves, and the conflict spilled out into every village in Liusham. Faction against Faction, Clan against Clan.

Until Hun Kamor exalted on the battlefield, and led his clan to victory —that day, and for many more days to come. No one sent word to the deliberative of Hun Kamor’s exaltation, nor of the Exaltation of Shai Masha, a shamaness who initially stood up to Hun Kamor, but quickly became his ally.

It was not until Hun Kamor began to assault the people living in the lands governed by the Twilight Copper Melodies that anyone realized that no word had been received in the Deliberative of Jun Wynne’s death. (The Zenith Caste’s exaltation was later found in a Shadowland.) Copper Melodies requested that the deliberative send someone to take care of this, as her research was at a critical stage and she could not split her attention for something as trivial as Hun Kamor’s invasion.

The task was assigned a circle of newly exalted Solars, called the Dragons of the Sun for the common theme of their animas. They were assigned to go investigate, and if possible stop the upstart warlord. (Meanwhile an internal investigation was launched into how heaven lost track of not one but three Solar exaltations. The results of that investigation are still classified in the Age of Sorrows.)

Despite the efforts of Delicate Passeri, Hun Kamor cannot be reasoned with. And now the circle of solars moves to confront Hun Kamor in his lair.



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