Dragons of the Sun

The Story So far...

Or How We Got into this Mess

Mah’ut, southeastern god of Safe Passage Between Lives and head of the Southeastern office of Lethe, has seen a steady and disturbing decline in the number of souls within the Sleeping Savannah province passing quickly into Lethe. Even more disturbing to the god’s eyes is not only is the population of the Underworld rising – as best he can tell – but it is not rising in numbers to match the decline of souls passing on to their next lives.

There are also rumors, he has heard, of cults worshiping gods of Death. Not the Maiden of Endings under some other name, and not ancestor cults, but actual Death itself. But Mah’ut’s own investigations in to these cults has been stymied at every turn, and rumors are all he has.

As a good functionary of Heaven, he promptly petitioned the Solar Deliberative for a circle to investigate both of these things. While he concedes that the two may not be connected, the timing makes it unlikely.

And so the Circle known as the Dragons of the Sun was dispatched to undertake those investigations, and either report back or (better yet) deal with the problem themselves.



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