Dragons of the Sun

The Lady's Favor

A little game of capture the idol

Grayslore Ice Elk and Winter Steel are a Lunar and Solar pair that have been rivals on varying degrees of friendly terms since the end of the Primordial War. Their latest issue of contention are the affections of the Lunar Dancing River. Dancing River’s Solar companion in their present incarnations happens to be her brother, the Zenith Caste known as Hunting Trees.

Dancing River is flattered by the attention, but also more than a little intimidated by the Elder Exalts, being less than two hundred years past her Exaltation herself. She doesn’t wish to appear to favor either, for concern of what they might do to her brother’s prefectures in retaliation. Together with her brother, it was decided that he would build a triangular arena, where each of her suitors would enter from one point, and race through obstacles and environmental hazards towards the third point, where a statuette of Dancing River would be waiting.

However, in the course of procuring the resources for this endeavor, and in discussions with assorted other Solars, the design grew and changed. In recognition of the immense power that both Grayslore Ice Elk and Winter Steel posses, it was decided that proxies should be used. Eventually, those proxies expanded to two young circles of Exalts, one recruited by each Elder. The size and the complexity of the Arena changed many times, but finally became much narrower, to encourage contact between the two circles, and by extension conflict. However, to keep the competition “friendly” Blunted versions of the circles usual weapons (for those who even use edged weapons) will be used.

Victory will permit each member of the winning circle to request a boon from their patron, as well as continuing patronage from the elder Exalt. The defeated circle will have any wounds (save those to their pride) tended to.

Grayslore has recruited the Dragons of the Sun, while the circle hired by Winter Steel calls themselves the Hounds of Glory.



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