Dragons of the Sun

The Great Hunt

The Seven Isles of Phlegri are a ring of six moderately sized islands that were once the lip of a volcanic caldera surrounding a seventh island that is home to both a temple to the gods of the seven isles, and a manse dedicated for use by the Solar governor of the region – for much of the last millennium, a distracted Dawn originally from the isles by the name of Gilded Carcaradon. They are also the birth home of Delicate Passeri, though not the region she was assigned once chosen by the Unconquered Sun.

The wealth of the Seven Isles comes from the inks harvested from a local breed of squid, which are used in creating a specialized pigment used in ink, dye and paint. While it appears black, when mixed with other ingredients it can intensify any hue to a bright, vibrant tone. Even more useful, when applied to garments sewn from certain linens woven from local sea plants called Sea Flax, the garments can change color and pattern according to the whims of the wearer.

While the sea flax is easy to grow and harvest, and has easily been transplanted to several other volcanic islands in the prefecture, the squid live only around the seven isles, and are not pleased about being hunted for their ink. And so, every year, one of the twelve noble families of the seven isles hosts a Great Hunt just after the sea flax harvest, with praise, petitions, and accolades for the Iridescent Teuthia, goddess of the Chameleon Squid, and patroness of dyers of the Seven Isles.

Officially, Gilded Carcaradon is supposed to attend, but he hasn’t done so for the past two centuries. When he remembers, he asks his Lunar mate Bright Coral to sit in for him, but more often, as this year, the Solar Seat sits empty.

That is not to say that Exalts never attend the hunt, quite the contrary, but mostly it is dragonblood of the various water aspected Gens that will be found in attendance, along with the occasional chosen of a lesser god. Sometimes, young Solars and Lunars of the west will also participate, but the hunt itself is something that, normally, mortals are capable of handling, and so there is no challenge or thrill to be found in the Great Hunt for Exalts.

This year, Scarlet Pterois is hosting the Great Hunt. Her daughter, Azure Radiata, has convinced herself she is in love with a mysterious lesser chosen who goes by the name of Barbeleu, who has attended the last two Great Hunts. So, in hopes of determining the mysterious exalts intentions towards her daughter, Scarlet Pterois has invited her close friend, and now Chosen of the Exalted Sun, Delicate Passeri to return to the Seven Isles.

News of the presence of not only an Exalt, but a whole circle of them (for Delicate Passeri’s Circle also decided to attend the hunt, if only for the parties surrounding it.) has spread like wildfire, causing great excitement -and bringing great prestige to Scarlet Pterois and her family – and making this potentially one of the largest Great Hunts in a century.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled with the presence of so many of the Unconqered Sun’s chosen. For some, the presence of the Dragons of the Sun will make their plans significantly more difficult to implement.



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