Dragons of the Sun

Dark Horizon

In the halls of Meru, word has come that the god Mah’ut has a petition to bring before the Deliberative. Xochitl and Delicate Passeri have been assigned, along with some other Solars, to the committee designated to review his petition before it goes to the deliberative as a whole. While not part of the Deliberative, Kajura – Chosen of Alchera, a local dreaming god – has sent word to each of the members of the committee pleading that they not only hear, but recommend Mah’ut’s petition to the rest of the deliberative.

But Mah’ut, a god known for punctuality, is late. For elsewhere in the city, the god has been forcibly detained. And while the rest of the circle strives to find and free Mah’ut from his captors, Xochitl and Passeri must maintain the rest of the committee’s dedication to give the petition a chance.

(This will be run over two sessions, due to player availability.



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