Dragons of the Sun

Dark Fire

The Dragons of the Sun arrive in the Sleeping Savanah, and are quickly welcomed by Blue Heron, who provides them with extensive suites and one of her (currently) unused workrooms as a base of operations.

Having toured the memorial Kivas and Sky Grounds of Ta’Kayan with no sign of ghost or shadowland (though with an almost creepy adoration of her people), the Solars next move on to Red Moon Prefecture. Here, in a land of waring clans, their prospects of finding a Shadowland are more likely. In addition to the many battlegrounds, they learn of a clan that was once the target of a serial killer, known now as the Fire Man, some two generations ago.

Traveling to the one remaining village of the three he claimed his victims from (one a victim of plague, the other of bad crops), the Solars arrive and are given a proper, if grudging, welcome — until the ghost of the Fire Man attacks.



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